We Invest

We Invest

When it comes to investing, we’re strategic. We pursue attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors by identifying hard to replace locations and assets in growing urban cores and residential anchored mixed-use projects with strong commercial operators.

We target Tier II cities because of the change occurring in these areas. The technology sector is growing, independent retail is sprouting, and creative new commercial is flourishing. We can get into these markets, connect with local leaders, and make a bigger impact…often times with less competition.

At Milhaus, we realize that one size does not fit all--which is why we make room for small, private investors, hedge funds, institutional partners, and everything in between. We cut out the “middle-man” and source our capital on a direct-basis, as we continually grow and nurture the long-term relationships we’ve established.

We’re also exceptionally transparent and accessible. Our investors have our cell phone numbers. We understand and appreciate the importance of timely and accurate reporting to investors, and have built a reputation for diligence in our operations, research, strategic direction and processes.

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We are driven to develop unique buildings and projects that have long term financial, sustainable, and community value.

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