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September 30, 2020

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When the Indianapolis Cultural Trail officially opened in 2013, the plants in the gardens were still taking root. Today, the gardens are one of the most distinguishable parts of the Cultural Trail experience. As one of the city's most frequented biking & walking paths, the plants along the trail allow residents to walk any block at any time of year and have a different experience with every visit. Whether it's the first sign of spring bulbs in early April or the golden hues of grasses in December, the gardens along the Cultural Trail are to be enjoyed by all.

Cultural Trail on 747

Not only is the Cultural Trail a beloved asset to downtown Indianapolis, but as one of Milhaus' main markets and home base to our company, the trail means quite a lot to our team as well. It's woven in the experiences of both our team members + residents with the trail being right outside both our Indy HQ office and 747 property and just around the corner from PinnexArtistry IndyEdge 35 and Grid. Team members can talk a walk to a nearby lunch spot and residents can integrate it into their everyday lives of experiencing downtown. 

At Milhaus, we're dedicated to being part of transforming any neighborhood we have the honor of being a part of, so when our team gets the opportunity to support something that means so much to us, the answer is an easy, yes.

This month, Indy HQ was proud to sponsor the Cultural Trail's First Annual Plant Sale as our way of giving back to the trail and in turn, the entire neighborhood. The sale featured dozens of species that grow throughout the Cultural Trail's five acres of gardens or were propagated from the trail itself with 100% of all sales proceeds going directly back to its ongoing maintenance and care. In the past, we've participated in everything from trail cleanups to purchasing needed tools so we were excited to be part of a new and unique way for Indy residents to experience the trail by allowing them to plant a "piece" of it home. 

Cultural Trail Plant Sale "Cultivated by Milhaus"

We're not just dedicated to neighborhoods here in Indy, of course. All of Milhaus Corporate offices and properties around the country have long been committed to being good neighbors and supporting their communities however they can.

This is accomplished with a focus on urban education and green spaces (like the Cultural Trail), not only because these areas directly impact the neighborhoods we invest in, but also because they allow for continuous and sustainable support long past the point when our properties open their doors.

While Milhaus' corporate office keeps a high-level focus on our philanthropic mission, Milhaus properties allocate their philanthropic budget and efforts in ways that best serve their specific communities. A few past examples include:

Transforming neighborhoods takes more than events, though. Especially in the midst of a pandemic, it's important that we always consider how these initiatives need to evolve with the rest of the world. Individuals, families and businesses around the globe continue to be negatively impacted and Milhaus + properties are committed continuing to support our residents, neighborhoods and the local communities however we are able along the way. 

  • Artistry Indy has participated in Cultural Trail cleanup for the past two years. Many Milhaus communities in Indy are located directly on or near the Cultural Trail, making it a great asset for residents. The Artistry team dedicates a Saturday morning to clean up the trail, allowing Indianapolis residents to continue to experience the green space in a clean environment. Unfortunately, the event was canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19 which is how the plant sale came about. 
  • Poste is a big supporter of the Walnut Hills neighborhood in Cincinnati and has participated and sponsored the Walnut Hills Food Festival that benefitted the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation. This group focuses on community development and works to enhance the quality of life in the Walnut Hills neighborhood.
  • Artistry St. Pete has been passionate about supporting local artists, especially amid a pandemic that has been difficult for many. With the success of the local art at Artistry St. Pete, Milhaus is integrating more public-facing murals in the community, to add an extra splash of joy to the neighborhood. 

Artistry St. Pete Mural from Local Artist "Jujmo"

Milhaus is passionate about developing neighborhoods and changing lives. Are you? Come join our team!