Artistry Features Works by Michal Lile

February 29, 2016

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Artistry Apartments will hold a public reception on Friday, March 4th from 6PM to 9PM, in its Cole-Noble Gallery, featuring the works of artist Michal Lile. This opening will be part of IDADA’s First Friday gallery tour.

While people in the area may be familiar with his paintings over the years, this show is a new direction for Lile. Titled Deconstructions: New Works by Michal Lile, this conceptual art show features a series of deconstructed objects. For example, a paintbrush has been broken down into bristles of the brush, a wooden handle and the metal band that wraps around it. Other items include a dress shirt, a wooden ladder (which is broken down into a 28-step process) and even a box spring.

“These are well-loved, special objects,” explains Lile. “The dress shirt was my favorite shirt that I deconstructed and the ladder was an old ladder that my dad had for a long time.”

At the opening reception at Artistry, there will be some interactive art, as Lile will have spectators participate in the deconstruction of a book. Photos of the process of meticulously breaking down these objects have been partially documented on Lile’s Instagram account, under the user name @Lilehq.

“Each one of the items will be presented in a different way,” adds Lile,” like having the dress shirt in a plastic bag and attached to the wall.”

Lile earned his Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts and Art Education from Purdue University and his Masters of Arts in Fine Arts (Painting) from the University of Indianapolis. He is a former art teacher and department chair at Ben Davis High School. Over the past 15 years, Lile has exhibited his work in various shows throughout the Midwest. More information can be found at his website

Artistry Apartments, located at 451 E. Market Street, downtown Indianapolis, is a Milhaus development. The Cole Noble Gallery, located inside the building features both permanent and rotating works of art. The gallery is curated by Q7 Associates.