A Company That Takes You Places, Lauren Corrie

October 03, 2018

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For the last four years, I worked at Artistry Indy where I was the Assistant Property Manager.  Artistry is not only our flagship property but also our largest property at 554 units.  I learned a lot during my four years there and was fortunate enough to have great managers and co-workers who trained and motivated me for the next step.  Like most, I wanted to grow my career and was looking forward to what was next. 

During my time at Artistry, I had the pleasure of working alongside Dave Coil, my maintenance supervisor, for two of those years. You can basically refer to us as the ‘Dream Team’ of our era (ok, well, maybe self-proclaimed)!  Dave and I bonded over our love of the beach, country music, and dogs and of course, beer - life's simple pleasures!  On an impromptu trip with Dave and his wife, Melanie, the three of us joked about managing a beach-side property one day. We all shared a common bond of wanting to live somewhere warmer, close to the water.  Of course, two years ago, we realized that this was only a possibility if we were willing to start over with a different company in Florida. Not only a new company but one that had a great culture and that we valued like Milhaus. But then, the unthinkable happened.  Milhaus announced that we had purchased land in FLORIDA! Heck yeah!

They say if you want something to go after it, so we did!  Both Dave and I approached Susan about being considered for the roles in Tampa requesting to interview for the positions. We both interviewed, biting off all our fingernails in anticipation as the months went by awaiting a response.  Then it happened.  We were told we got the jobs!  We were headed to the sunshine state!

Now, we all are living in Tampa, Florida and will be opening up Milhaus’ FIRST Florida property, HITE. Opening this November and located in one of Tampa’s coolest neighborhoods, Seminole Heights, HITE will consist of 81 beautifully developed units with commercial spaces, a backyard barbeque area, bike storage and a pet washroom. The more time I venture to new places in this neighborhood, the more I realize it’s like an unlimited scavenger hunt of unique, hidden gems.  A foodie’s heaven.  And if you know me, you know my life revolves around food (I can hear those of you who know me and my snack drawer, laughing out loud)! I already love it here and am excited for all of our future projects in Tampa.

We may not be an oceanfront community, but a quick 20-minute drive west and we are back to sipping coronas with our toes in the sand. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely not all sunshine and rainbows (as Jordan Hovanec would put it). Moving to a brand-new place, not knowing ANYONE, is kind of scary! Ok, it’s not kind of scary, it’s the scariest thing I have ever done. You get lost a lot, yell at your GPS all the time and learn a lot about yourself when you have so much time outside of the office and know no one in the area. Life is too short to live in an environment or place that does not cultivate your truest of happiness and potential, so aside from all the scary things and fear of being in a new place, I couldn’t be happier to be somewhere my heart, mind and life seems to be so much further stimulated for success!  Looking back to that vacation a few years ago, I had no idea that it would become my reality.

To Milhaus, we thank you for being a company who recognizes your employees’ desires, can promote from within and cultivate a culture of happiness within your team! #TeamMilhaus #TeamFlorida  #TeamHITE